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Author: Rhea Harmsen
Product Code: INTM
ISBN: 9781495965142
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By: Rhea Harmsen

Intermarry is one of the TOP 100 Romance Novels in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. It explores the most challenging issue in America (racism), through the turbulent urban story of Jack Wolinsky and Fiona Reed.

Road Trip Home

Road Trip Home : A Baha'i Vision of Hope
Author: Steven Ellis
Product Code: RTHBV
ISBN: 9781506903262
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Price:  $18.95

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In this insightful story you are invited to follow along with Rose and Grayson and be privy to their intimate conversation on the Purpose of life, Existence of God, Role of the great Prophets and Religions, what comes next and many more spiritual insights.