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Race Relations:

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Lights of the Spirit

Lights of the Spirit : Historical Portraits of Black Baha'is in North America, 1898-2000
Authors: Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis, Richard W. Thomas
Product Code: LSHPT
ISBN: 978-1-931847-26-1
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing
Pages: 338
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Price:  $17.00

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This groundbreaking work uncovers a piece of history that until now has gone unwritten-the role played by Black people in the emergence of the Bahá'í Faith in North America. Drawing on a wide range of sources including personal essays, letters, and journals, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some extraordinary individuals who devoted themselves to a common cause and made outstanding contributions toward building a unified society.
Longing/Stories of Racial Healing

Longing/Stories of Racial Healing : Stories of Racial Healing
Authors: Phyllis A. Unterschuetz, Eugene F. Unterschuetz
Product Code: LSRHT
ISBN: 978-1-931847-68-1
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing
Pages: 364
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Price:  $15.00

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A white couple's personal account of a ten-year journey that forced them to reconsider their comfortable notions about race as they forged new relationships with people of African descent. Their stories describe a longing to heal from the racial separation that has so deeply wounded this country.
Creating Patterns of Unity: Getting Beyond Prejudice and Racism

Creating Patterns of Unity: Getting Beyond Prejudice and Racism : A Study Guide and Index to The Power of Unity
Author: National Race Unity Committee
Product Code: CPU
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing Trust of the United States
Pages: 51
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Price:  $4.95

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A 19-lesson study guide to The Power of Unity. This is based on a four-step method of learning (prayer, meditation, study, and action), intending to stimulate active change. The lessons lend themselves to study by individuals or groups through weekend study groups, workshops or schools.
To Move the World

To Move the World : Louis Gregory and the Advancement of Racial Unity in America
Author: Gayle Morrison
Product Code: TMW
ISBN: 978-0-87743-188-6
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing Trust
Pages: 399
Availability: In stock.
Price:  $15.95

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A biography of "the most outstanding black Baha'i in America in the first half of the 20th century," To Move the World examines social and racial forces at work in the U.S. during Mr. Gregory's lifetime, and the dynamics shaping the American Baha'i Community as it struggled to eliminate racial prejudice.