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Ali's Dream: The Story of Baha'u'llah

Ali's Dream: The Story of Baha'u'llah
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Call to the Nations

Call to the Nations
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Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom
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Supreme Remedy, The

Supreme Remedy, The
Reflections on applying natural healing arts to the Baha'i Fast

Author: Deborah Walters
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ISBN: 978-0-85398-567-9
Publisher: George Ronald
Size:  9.25 X 6.20 Inches
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Deborah Walters is a Doctor of Naturopathy and Homeopathy and she runs a private practice specializing in spiritual, mental and physical healing. In this wonderful book, she draws on both the Baha’i teachings and her own professional experience to examine the human condition of the soul, mind and body. She focuses on how they interrelate and can be harmonized, transformed and energized through the spiritual discipline of the Baha’i Fast and explores the “illimitable” benefits hidden within the Fast and why Baha’u'llah calls it “the supreme remedy” for self and passion. The Supreme Remedy is also very practical as well, and Deborah answers questions about the Baha’i Fast like: How does the Fast relate to our health, our minds, and our spiritual growth? How can we make it easier and what foods should we eat? -
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by Heather
on 4/13/2015
The Supreme Remedy: Reflections on Applying Natural Healing Arts to the Baha'i Fast
The Supreme Remedy:  Reflections on Applying Natural Healing Arts to the Baha’i Fast was a supportive companion during the 19 days of the Baha’i Fast (March 02-March 20) and continues to be helpful in maintaining the spirit of the Fast as the New Year unfolds. This is a book to read and reread many times, filled with profound insights that opened the doors of my mind to reflections and insights of my own.  On the practical side it is filled with sensible dietary guidelines.  Other topics include suggestions on how to prepare for the Fast, physically, mentally, and spiritually; how to remain focused during the Fast; as well as how to exit the Fast and build on what has been gained physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you, Deborah, for creating a ‘fasting buddy.’  This year was my 45th Baha’i Fast and I still found this volume special and helpful.  For anyone interested in fasting, whether a novice or a veteran, this is a fine guide to the process. 
by Ana Cazarverde
on 3/17/2015
New levels of fasting
The concepts in the book are explained so eloquently and practically. As I traverse every hour of these days, and read these concepts, my soul, mind and body become more united and aware of their interdependence. Thank you for the recipes and prayers as well. So many passages from the Writings that I had read many times before, without much understanding, and in this context they have new meaning. 
Each chapter bring more focus and understanding. More clarity is given to the Fast and how such a short period can be one of the "twin pillars" of our spiritual progress. 
by Nayyan Chandler
on 2/14/2015
A book that opens a beautiful new way to understand and apply Fasting.
This book has expanded my understanding of what fasting really is. It takes you on a journey of discovery of the amazing effects fasting has on our body, mind and spirit. Like the author, Dr. Deborah Walters, I am now looking forward to fasting and actually enjoy the process. Thank you for such a priceless and wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration!
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