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Okie in a Saree
Okie in a Saree
Author: LaNelma Johnson   Book Design: Jiwan Singh Taragi
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Baha'i Publishing Trust India
5.5 X 8.5 X .5 Inches (US)
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Soft Cover $15.00

We hope you enjoy this expanded second edition!

The word "Okie" stands for a native of Oklahoma in the United States. Okie in a Saree is the story told through the eyes of a young American lady, LaNelma Johnson, who pioneered to Panchgani in India in the 1970's with her husband, Ray Johnson and their three small children, LaRae, Craig and Kirk to serve the Bahá'í Faith.

This is the story of her struggles to come to terms with day-to-day life in the new country; her challenges as a mother trying to nurture her children to become world citizens and be of service to humanity; her experiences as a teacher of the Faith who goes to villages and becomes part of an extended family with village families; her vision as a member of the community to develop the scope of activities for all age groups; and above all her commitment to serve as a staff member of New Era High School of which her husband Dr. Ray Johnson was the Principal, and how both of them have devoted their prime years for its growth and development.