A Treasure House of Mysteries

Author: Dariush Maani
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ISBN: 978-84-697-2477-4
Publisher: Nehal Foundation
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The International Teaching Center has said of Mr. Maani’s work, “The extent of his knowledge and his research in mysticism and spiritual subjects – especially in The Hidden Words – deserve to be praised and honored. He has researched many writings and sources and made an unprecedented collection of valuable reference points.” His book, A Treasure House of Mysteries, is the result of his extensive studies, now translated into English and published in one volume.


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by Paul Mantle
on 8/10/2021
from Grass Valley, California
A Treasure House of Mysteries
From 2017, this was written by the late Dariush Maani who  had a deep interest in Islamic mysticism. It focuses mainly on the Persian Hidden Words although it seems the author knew Arabic and English. It's quite an experience: the book jumps all over the place, non-sequentially. It appears to have been written in Persian, translated into German, then translated from German into English -- after the author's passing -- under the aegis of the NSA of Austria, and then typeset and printed in Spain! So, in addition to some unique insights, it has some irregularities.
Among the observations of interest, he equates "the three most holy words" of PHW No.19, "that true and radiant morn," [cf. Qur'an 7:172, re: the 'Day of Alast'], step-by-step, with a sequence in the Long Obligatory Prayer. Later he equates PHW No.29, "Out of the wastes of nothingness ...," with parts of the Medium Obligatory Prayer and the 'Tablet of Maqsud.' These are but two examples from this unusual book. Recommended.
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