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A Treasure House of Mysteries

Author: Dariush Maani
Product Code: ATHM
ISBN: 978-84-697-2477-4
Availability: In stock

Soft Cover
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The International Teaching Center has said of Mr. Maani’s work, “The extent of his knowledge and his research in mysticism and spiritual subjects – especially in The Hidden Words – deserve to be praised and honored. He has researched many writings and sources and made an unprecedented collection of valuable reference points.” His book, A Treasure House of Mysteries, is the result of his extensive studies, now translated into English and published in one volume.


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by David Stiles
on 7/29/2018
from New Zealand
A Treasure House of Mysteries
It's not often that one reads a book that sticking in the mind so much that one has to read it again - quickly. Mr Maani's introduction to the Persian Hidden Words is such a book.  The Writings of Bahá'u'lláh often have literary and cultural references that are not familiar to readers of a western background. Mr Maani has explained these in an easy to understand way, leading the reader through some of the important passages of the Hidden Words, explaining not only the literary and cultural references, but also explaining the historic circumstances and those to who the passages refer. The book takes its time, and so should the reader.  There are a few technical problems in it's production which should be corrected in the second edition, but these do not detract from the book as a whole.  
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