A Way Out of the Trap

  • Author: Nathan Rutstein
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  • ISBN: 978-1-931847-40-7
  • Publisher: Baha'i Publishing
  • Pages: 242
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Soft Cover
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An easy-to-follow guide for people of all faiths who want to reconnect with God and live more fulfilling lives.

A Way Out of the Trap: A Ten-Step Program for Spiritual Growth offers a process by which the spiritually hungry can find the faith, hope, and spiritual sustenance needed to break out of the trap of hopelessness. Author Nathan Rutstein outlines a spiritual path that can help people of all faiths to reconnect with God. The result is a practical guide to understanding the purpose of life and how to live it.

Mr. Rutstein addresses such topics as "understanding the nature of a Human Being," "understanding the principle of the Oneness of Humankind," the nature of the soul," and much more.
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