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Aalia's Guardian Angel

Aalia's Guardian Angel

By (author): Tahirih Lemon
Product Code: AGA
ISBN: 978-0645590135
Publisher: Sacred Square Publishing
Pages: 116
Availability: In stock
Weight: 6 oz
Price: $12.99

At fifteen Aalia feels she's experienced a lifetime of grief. Not only has she lost her grandmother, and beloved cat Abbey unexpectedly, she's grieving the recent loss of her best friend Charlotte. Her curiousity piques when Liam, Charlotte's younger brother, passes on a message from Charlotte from the afterlife stating, "Help Willow." But how? She only met Willow, a new student, earlier that day when "buddied" by the Year 10 Coordinator! A contemporary novella for junior youth (11-15) about coping with grief, the power of friendship, and exploring one of life's big questions - What happens when we die? Written to encourage young people to explore their own beliefs about the afterlife touching on near-death experiences, reincarnation, guardian angels, communicating with the departed, and the Baha'i Faith's perspective.


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By (author): Tahirih Lemon

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