Going Home to My Soul

Soft Cover
After a successful career as a historian, author and advocate for racial amity, Richard W. Thomas, is returning home to his poetic roots. This retrospective of Richard's poetry from the ‘60s is full of the fire, passion, and pain of that era. Richard grew up in Detroit, Michigan and came of age “at the raw beginning of one of the most socially turbulent decades of the Twentieth Century: the 1960s.” He was drawn to poetry and to the great tradition of speaking hard truth to a world in peril. His work was noticed by some notable poets of that era, among them Margaret Danner, Amiri Baraka and Langston Hughes. “Langston Hughes has selected some of your poetry for submission” reads one letter Richard received. Thus began a brief period of writing and publishing poetry that mirrored the intensity of the times.“I’m feeling the urge to reflect more on what really matters in life. At various times over the years I have been encouraged by wonderful friends to return to my ‘first love.’ They have summoned me once again to return home to my soul.”—Richard W. Thomas
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