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Alzheimer's Disease - Eclipse before Sunset

Author: A-M Ghadirian
Product Code: ADEBS
ISBN: 978 1 5304 17674
Publisher: Creatspace
Availability: In stock

How was Alzheimer’s disease discovered? What are the largest risk factors? What are the warning signs, and is the disease preventable?

We live in a world where the number of individuals who are over sixty years old will soon surpass the number of children. With this rise in the elderly population comes a dramatic increase in the number of those suffering from dementia-particularly Alzheimer’s disease. It’s very likely that this affliction will touch every one of us in some way, and it’s important to learn as much as possible about how to manage it when that time comes.

This book is an informative resource for understanding the aging brain and Alzheimer’s development, offering thoughtful advice regarding the psychological and spiritual needs for both patient and caregiver. Through Dr. Ghadirian’s humanistic perspective, common concerns and questions surrounding this degenerative disease are explored with depth and compassion.


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by Elizabeth L Bowen MD
on 9/21/2016
from Peachtree City-ATLANTA GA
Dr. Ghadirian's warmth and genuine concern for the individual with serious memory difficulties and his or her accompanying caregivers come across vividly. Reading this ILLUMINATING account brought many images and impressions of individuals suffering from this affliction to mind. As a competent & compassionate physician, Dr. Ghadirian pays sensitive attention to the emotional and spiritual issues that besiege families who find one of their loved ones beset with an affliction that can obscure the original personality and fragment memory. The analogy of a solar eclipse, due to the moon passing across the sun, plunging the once familiar landscape into shadows and darkness, is apt. Individuals afflicted with serious memory loss and especially their caregivers benefit from the clear, compassionate descriptions given throughout this concise yet pithy book. I read through it in one sitting. I highly recommend it for families and friends of those with memory disorders and for all involved. 
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