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Baha'i Faith
Teachings, History, and Practices

Author: Shahin Vafai
Product Code: TBFSC
ISBN: 978-1-890101-71-8
Publisher: Palabra Publications
Pages: 100
Availability: In stock
Price: $3.75

The Bahá'í Faith: Teachings, History, and Practices is a modern, concise, and comprehensive introduction to the Bahá'í Faith. This book relies heavily on the Bahá'í scriptures to present the Teachings in their pure form. Given its length (under 100 pages long) and inclusion of color photos, this book is an ideal introduction for inquirers and new Bahá'ís who wish to learn more about the Faith.


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by Maria
on 4/21/2020
from Clemson
Best Choice Introduction to the Faith
This has become my favorite introductory book on the Faith for seekers.  One of the main features that is a standout for me is the way the book is organized.  Unlike most intro books, this one does not start with the history of the Faith, which I think is not the best way to engage many seekers in reading about the Faith.  Instead, it begins by pointing out the universal nature and universal appeal of the Faith to people from many diverse backgrounds.  Topics include:

•	Nature of God the Creator and the need for Divine Educators
•	Progressive revelation of one unfolding religion
•	Dual nature of man and the purpose of life
•	Development of the soul and it’s eternal life
•	Role of religion in establishing world peace
•	Principle teachings of the Faith
•	Central Figures, the Guardian, and the Universal House of Justice
•	Spiritual laws & practices (prayer, study, service, work, teaching, etc)

The book is rich in scriptural quotes and includes colorful photos and maps.  It also provides a list of suggested reading with a brief description of each book to help guide the seeker and a list of websites for more information.  
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