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Bridegroom from Baghdad

Author: Shar Mitchell
Product Code: BFBS
ISBN: 978-1-940135-82-3
Publisher: One Voice Press
Availability: In stock

Soft Cover
1 units available

A personal memoir of one woman’s journey that took her from the windswept Canadian prairies to cities and villages across Europe and North Africa. Shar Mitchell’s search for meaning and purpose in her life ultimately lead her to embrace the Bahá'í Faith. After her first marriage lead to divorce, she later met and married her "bridegroom from Baghdad,” Redwan Moqbel. Born to a poor Bahá'í family in a dusty border town between Iran and Iraq, Redwan was an internationally renowned medical scientist by the time he and Shar married.

That relationship led to Shar's challenging quest to learn more about her new relatives back in Iraq, a country that persecuted its Bahá'i minority, sentenced Redwan to life in prison in absentia and jailed his mother for many years. Shar's dream of meeting Redwan's courageous family would finally come true because of a catastrophic health crisis—Redwan’s difficult battle with cancer.

The Bridegroom from Baghdad is a memoir of life’s unexpected twists and turns – youthful exploration of new places and ideas; finding faith and love; and meeting challenges with courage, acceptance, and resilience


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by Carolyn NEOGI
on 5/19/2019
from Cyprus
Bridegroom from Baghdad
Previous reviewers have said it all really...  Shar's well-crafted tale takes us back to personal memories of Ridván, in my case his London/UK life where he could hold an entire room captivated by his eloquent and inspiring speeches, whilst his sometimes wicked sense of humour would enliven any small gathering.  He was a much-loved NSA member, then our Auxiliary Board Member and we were heart-broken when he left England for the new stage in his life.  This was to lead him to Shar and it is fascinating to see her own story unfold until their paths joined...  She kept his old and new friends informed during the tests and victories of his long battle with cancer, and it was heartening to see their 'blended' families pulling together to overcome so many obstacles.  Thank you Shar for this inclusive labour of love. xx
by Jaren
on 2/5/2019
from the world at large
Amazing personal biography of an inspiring couple
Having met Redwan and Shar while living in Winnipeg, I was interested to read their back story. The book is a well researched biography that will inspire anyone going through a difficult time and struggling with life's tests. 
by Ladan Javid
on 12/31/2018
from Ontario
The Bridegroom from Baghdad
Shar is a wonderful story teller.  She takes us on a journey of her life.  This is a compelling story of the intertwining of two cultures; a story of love and pain and joy and sorrow and triumph steeped in a deep and unwavering faith.  An inspiring gift.
by Geraldine
on 12/26/2018
from Jordan River
The Bridegroom from Baghdad
If you were fortunate enough to have known Redwan,  “The Bridegroom from Baghdad” will, no doubt, draw you back in heart felt remembrance of whatever joyful, profound or simply amusing moments you may have shared with this noble soul!  It will also pull you in, as Redwan’s wife, and book’s author, Shar Mitchell, weaves together the stories of both of their life journeys.  This is a meaningful story that encompasses great faith, love, tests and victories.  However, you certainly don’t need to have known either Redwan or Shar, in order to appreciate and be spiritually expanded by this dual, autobiography/biography.  Its comforting, reassurance, that goodness and nobility do still exist in our world today.  Or, in order to be deeply moved by its very personal and historical account of both Redwan and his family’s steadfast faith, through four generations of persecution.   Firstly endured due to simply being of the Baha’i’s Faith and in addition, later, just by way of being citizens of Iraq, during the time of the American invasion.
Finally, this moving tale shines a light on what it means to be human! Our misgivings, our insecurities, our growth, our compassion, our capacity to love unconditionally, to endure, to appreciate the importance of family bonds and friendship; especially during difficult and challenging times, to have Faith!   Thank you Shar.
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