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Brilliant Star: Wings of Unity
May/June 2014

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Brilliant Star
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Brilliant Star Issue #56    May/June 2014

Wings of Unity

 Dear Friends,

There are about seven billion people on our amazing planet! Every one of us has basic rights to things like housing, safety, education and freedom. Yet millions are denied these rights because of their gender, religion, or ethic group or due to some other prejudice.  These injustices are a barrier to peace on Earth.

We can help bring change by standing up for those who face prejudice. We can also look at ourselves to see if we have unfair thoughts about others, then take action to overcome them.

In this issue explore how to make the world a better place by celebrating our human family’s diversity. Take a quiz on how open-minded you are. Create ties of unity with cool string art.  Practice speaking up about justice. Get tips for dealing with bullying. And meet Paymon Rouhanifard, who’s passionate about creating better schools to help kids reach their dreams.

When you’re a good friend to everyone, you spread joy near and far. So pass it on!


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