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Brilliant Star: Light of Faith

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  • Publisher: Brilliant Star
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Brilliant Star

Created to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the B?b, the "Light of Faith" issue features stories and activities about the B?b's mission and the oneness of religion, including:

  • A two-page illustrated timeline of key events in the B?b's life;
  • The story of the B?b's house arrest and His influence on the people of Sh?r?z;
  • A story and activity about Bah?'u'll?h's recognition of the B?b's divine station;
  • A "Shining Lamp" profile of the wife of the B?b, Khad?jih Bagum;
  • A "Stargazer" interview with Bah?'? scholar Dr. Moojan Momen, who talks about the B?b;
  • A fun lantern craft honoring the light from God that shines in all faiths;
  • Explorations of the B?b's station and the oneness of religion through puzzles, a drawing activity, interviews with kids, and more.
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