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Brilliant Star: Raise Up Your Voices May/June 2013

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Brilliant Star
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Have you heard that all people on Earth are related? Scientists think humanity started in Africa, and that we all share the same ancestors. We're one big human family. So why don't we all get along and live in peace?

Prejudice and stereotypes are part of the reason. We come from different ethnic backgrounds and religions, with diverse cultures, languages, and points of view. If those differences are seen as problems, they can lead to hostility. But diversity is actually part of what makes humanity amazing.

You can help create a better world where all people treat each other like sisters and brothers. In this issue, take our unity challenge with friends. Quiz yourself on the differences between teasing and bullying. Read about one kid's dream of peace and another kid's adventure in China. And meet Dr. William "Smitty" Smith, who founded a center for promoting friendship among all people.

Whether you're dealing with bullies or speaking out for justice, every day offers new chances to build unity. What action will you take today?


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