Children of the Kingdom

A Baha'i Approach to Spiritual Parenting
Soft Cover
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A practical guide for successful and spiritual parenting based on the love of God, the love of family, and the love of children.

Children of the Kingdom conveys a practical approach to educating children in a loving and supportive manner, with spiritual principles, virtues, and character development serving as the foundation for their learning and growth. Using the Baha'i writings, as well as personal experience, author Daun E. Miller demonstrates that there is an alternative to the chaos and confusion that many parents see engulfing the world and that children can be raised to be guided by moral and spiritual principles. Parents and families often run into difficult questions regarding the best way to raise children, and this book provides spiritually based answers. Written in chronological order so that busy parents can find what they need quickly and easily, the book designates each age group as an important stage in a child's life and one that demands specific action on the part of parents. The guidance shared in Children of the Kingdom focuses on the nature of the soul and the vital reasons why we should educate our children spiritually.

Daun E. Miller is a writer, painter, world traveler, mother, and grandmother. She became interested in the spiritual education of children after her first child was born. Her first classes for children were at home and were later followed by organized classes for children of all ages. She cofounded a charter school based on the arts, and she taught spiritual parenting classes using a curriculum that she helped develop. She attended Wright State University and received her B.A. from the University of South Florida. She lives in Tampa, Florida.
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Very informative

Review by Rezal on 5/8/2018

As a Marriage and Family Therapist it is important to me that I supplement my academic education with spiritual education so that I best support my community and my future children so I decided to read this book. Not only is it well-written it is so well-informed and shares many wonderful stories about Abdu'l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi. I highly recommend this book to anyone curious about how to have a positive impact on the future generations, whether you're a parent, an aunt, or wanting to have children in the future.

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