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Dawning Place (Originally $45)

Dawning Place (Originally $45)

Author: Bruce Whitmore
Product Code: DAWN
ISBN: 9781618510839
Availability: In stock

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Added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1978, the Baha'i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois is a stunning building with an inspiring and storied history. Drawing upon decades of research, the author brings to life in rich and vivid detail, not only the story of how the Temple came to be built, but the story of the birth of a religious community and the many trials and victories it would experience in its establishment. Now in its second edition, The Dawning Place has been updated to cover the years that have elapsed since the Temple’s dedication with stunning, never-before-published photographs of the building and its surrounding environs.


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by Michael V Day
on 6/16/2018
from Brisbane
Excellent book
For all those who have visited the Temple and all those yet to do so, this wonderful, easy-to-read  book is an excellent guide to a House of Worship mystically linked to the Shrine of the Bab.

The incredible amount of work that went into this work, text and photos,  make this handsome revised and expanded edition an essential purchase.
by Suzan
on 5/29/2018
from Pittsford
The Dawning Place
I wish there was a "9" rating I could choose for this book. Even better would be "19"! This would be to say that The Dawning Place deserves the highest rating possible. Its off the charts in terms of its subject matter as well as the love and devotion its author, Bruce Whitmore, put into it. I know it reflects a good portion of his heart and soul because I was working with him at the time he began compiling the information for the first edition. For its content, for its beauty, for its spirit, I highly recommend it to all who seek what it represents. Its a gift that will keep on giving.
by Gwyneth
on 10/19/2016
from Banning, CA
The Dawning Place
I read the first edition of this remarkable author many years ago, and we recently purchased this revised edition, mostly for the new photographs included. But I'm very glad we did purchase it, and I'm even happier that I decided to read it again, for it has been edited and has additional information as well. Bruce Whitmore has written the history of this majestic Mashriqu'l-Adhkar in such a readable way that words fail me when I try to express how moved I was in reading it, especially this second time around. Love, sacrifice, danger, seemingly insurmountable problems, leadership, inspiration, innovation, and much more having to do with the conception to completion of this beautiful House of Worship are written about with perfection in this marvelous book. Don't think of it as simply a history book, or a nice coffee table book; think of it as a tool for inspiration and a heart-warming reminder of the sacrifices made to bring this marvelous gift to mankind, this Silent Teacher, this Mother Temple of the West, to fruition.
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