Divine Curriculum, Volume 5 (part 2)

The Bab
  • Author: Edward Price
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Soft Cover

This book examines the story of the Bab ("the Gate"), a young uneducated merchant in Persia, Who shocked His nation with a new Revelation from God. Part 1 explained His remarkably modern teachings and presented the opening portion of His heroic story (1844 to 1846).

This book, Part 2, continues His eventful career, and brings His heroic ministry to its astounding climax (1846 to 1850). Preparing the way perfectly for the next Divine Educator, Baha'u'llah, in 1852, the Bab may well be the most effective Divine Educator in history. The Bab and tens of thousands of followers were cruelly martyred by the forces of orthodoxy. Nevertheless, the Bab's Cause grew into the Baha'i Faith, with over five million followers in the world today. Drawing on new research findings, this book completes the heroic, mysterious, tragic and powerful story of the Bab.

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