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Espiritu en Accion: Ensenando la Causa de Dios (Spanish)
Spirit in Action: Teaching the Baha'i Faith

Author: Nathan Rutstein   Translators: Concepcion Cuevas, Josep Julia Ballbe
Product Code: STBFS
Publisher: Editorial Baha'i de Espana
Pages: 218
Availability: In stock
Price: $5.95

Soft Cover
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Este libro se ha escrito con el expreso propósito de ayudar a los bahá'ís a compartir sus creencias con otros y de confirmar a los nuevos creyentes en las enseñanzas de Bahá'u'lláh. Por medio de ejemplos, recogidos tanto de su propia experiencia como de la de otros en muchas partes del mundo, el autor nos muestra cómo se plantean los bahá'is realmente la enseñanza de su religión. Demuestra la necesidad de un despertar espiritual en el que enseña y resume los distintos modos de conseguir esta conciencia a partir de las directrices dadas por Bahá'u'lláh mismo.

Spirit in Action inspires discussion of what it means to teach the Faith to others successfully. It describes the spiritual and practical steps Baha'is must take to contribute to the growth of the Faith. Gathering together examples of successful teaching, gleaned both from his own experience and from that of others in many parts of the world, the author shows how Baha'is actually approach the teaching of their religion.

But the book is not a mere handbook of techniques on how to be a successful Baha'i teacher. Rather, the need for a spiritual awakening in the teacher is clearly demonstrated, and the book outlines the ways in which spiritual awareness may be attained, using the guidelines given by Baha'u'llah Himself. Thus, in one book are described both the spiritual and the practical steps a Baha'i needs to take in order to witness the growth of his or her Faith by the enrollment of new believers. In Spanish language.


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