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Everlasting Fire (Origianlly $15)

Artist: Alessandro Giua
Product Code: EFCD
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2 units available
This suite of songs, some in Spanish, some in English, is filled with vivid, intensely beautiful tales of love and heroism. Using a wide array of musical rhythms and styles, Alessandro's songs are suffused with the flavors of Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East. Many of Everlasting Fire's songs pay tribute to heroic figures of the Baha'i Faith such as Anis, Mona, and Mulla Husayn, while others are prayers or expressions of devotion and hope for the triumph of the human spirit.

The tracks on this album include:

*Everlasting Fire
*Mulla Husayn
*...And I Danced
*Song of Badi
*Enseñar es aprender
*Mirza Mihdi
*Prayer for Detachment
*Prayer for Mankind


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by Rosalie Schreiber
on 9/4/2018
from Hi
everlasting fire
my favorite is the family prayer, deeply moving
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Artist: Alessandro Giua

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