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For Heaven's Sake (HC)
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For Heaven’s Sake

By: Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

People said ‘for heaven’s sake” to Isaiah a lot. Everyone talked about heaven. “Thank Heavens,” “Heaven forbid.” But no one would say what heaven was or where to find it.

After his grandfather died Isaiah was told that Grandpa had gone to heaven. Isaiah wondered exactly where and what heaven was. He became determined to find out, and sought answers from many different people.

In this charming story for children, award-winning author teaches that heaven is often found in the places where you least expect it.

Nondenominational story, not specifically Bahá’í


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by J. Tyson
on 5/19/2016
from Mercerville, NJ
Not a very clear perspective
A couple of notes for the prospective buyer: 
a) Though this book is for "Ages 4 and up", it is so clearly labeled as such on the back of the book that older children may dismiss it as being too elementary for them.  It should probably NOT be included in the "Ages 6 to 8" category of Children's Books on the website.

b) It should be noted that this is not a Baha'i book (being published by Jewish Lights Publishing).  While it is fine for the Baha'i Bookstore to includes perspectives from those outside of the Faith, this should be noted in the description. Though the book aims to be "multicultural, nondenominational, nonsectarian", in trying to reach everyone, it provides a rather watered-down perspective on heaven and life-after-death, at least in comparison to a Baha'i perspective.  It could be useful as part of an effort to teach children about other perspectives on this topic, but if you're looking for a single book to convey the Baha'i ideas on this topic, this is not the one.
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