Gleanings From the Writings of Baha'u'llah

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Gleanings from the Writings of Bah?'u'll?h is an extremely important compilation that sets out the Bah?'? teachings on a myriad of subjects. Among the themes that fall within its compass are the greatness of the day in which we live, the spiritual requisites of peace and world order, the nature of God and His Prophets, the fulfillment of prophecy, the soul and its immortality, the renewal of civilization, the oneness of the Manifestations of God as agents of one civilizing process, the oneness of humanity, and the purpose of life, to name only a few.

Gleanings has been a priceless treasure and a familiar companion for many decades, bringing spiritual fulfillment to countless people throughout the world. This new and exquisite hardcover edition includes paragraph numbering for easy reference, as well as a revised and expanded glossary.
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One of My Favorites

Review by Lisa on 3/2/2023

I've probably read this book about four times, and will probably read it again. So much to ponder and even try to put into practice! Selections from His different writings, covering all manner of topics, but all lofty, all calling us to a higher plane of existence.

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