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Global Unitive Healing

Global Unitive Healing
Integral Skills for Personal and Collective Transformation

By (author): Dr. Elena Mustakova
Product Code: GUH
ISBN: 978-1945026768
Publisher: Light on Light Press
Pages: 364
Availability: In stock
Price: $18.99

Recipient of a Nautilus Book Award

Global Unitive Healing introduces a practical healing methodology for lives and nations in an ailing world. This book masterfully awakens us to collective authenticity and a unifying language of the heart for a diverse and interdependent humanity. Step by step, Dr. Elena Mustakova weaves a path toward grasping an emergent interconnected, cooperative, prosocial world informed by the way of unity - a mid-19th century evolutionary leap of consciousness, which integrates Eastern and Western spiritual thought. Using her work with patients as examples, as well as weaving the writings and teachings of the Bahá’í Faith throughout, what emerges is a new framework for approaching healing on a personal and communal level.

Global Unitive Healing is a hymn to our collective sanity... With wise medicine for our time, Mustakova... lays out the great universal and unifying spiritual principles which illuminate individual and global transformation. She shows in real life case studies how very diverse individuals can emerge from shattered lives and experience the journey from confinement to wholeness and universal interrelatedness. - James O'Dea, Award-winning author of Cultivating Peace

Global Unitive Healing distinguishes Dr. Elena Mustakova as one of the most enlightened clinician-teachers of our time. - Michael Penn, Ph.D., Professor, Franklin & Marshall College

Global Unitive Healing combines multiple forms of wisdom... into an integrated vision... a highly readable blueprint for inner and outer transformation. - David Sloan Wilson, author of This View of Life: Completing the Darwinian Revolution

In her call for global unitive healing, Dr. Mustakova points to the need for a new "organizing paradigm that helps us understand and navigate global change and restructuring." That may be what will manifest the "Golden Age of Humanity" she invokes. - Claudia Welss, Chairman, Institute of Noetic Sciences/p>


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By (author): Dr. Elena Mustakova

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