Hand of the Cause of God Furutan

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To read the biography of Hand of the Cause of God ‘Alí-Akbar Furútan (1905–2003), written by his daughter Iran Furútan Muhájir, is to read the story of the Bahá’í Faith in the twentieth century and to catch a glimpse of a man who devoted himself wholly and selflessly to the service of humanity.

As a dynamic and fearless youth in Iran and the Russian territories, as the secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran for the better part of twenty-two years, as a Hand of the Cause of God appointed by the beloved Guardian, Mr. Furútan served with a wise and loving manner that left a lifelong impression on all with whom he came in contact. His tireless efforts and steadfast devotion are not only documented here but are brought to life in rich and loving detail. The result is not merely the definitive biography of a beloved figure but a gift to the Bahá’ís of the world.

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Love this!

Review by Micah on 4/25/2019

This is such a wonderful book about such an extraordinarily loving human being. I am so grateful for his example of service to humanity and love for all as a sincere expression of his love for God. Dr. Furútan shares how much encouragement and loving support he had as a young person and how he was accompanied and challenged from a young age to strive for excellence and given the opportunity to serve and build capacity. I also appreciate his example of always turning to the center of the Covenant for guidance and prayerfully approaching all of the decisions in his life. I'm so grateful to his daughter for sharing this story with the world.

Mr. Furutan

Review by Tarasieh Vahdat on 8/18/2018

Mrs. Iran Furutan Muhajir’s biography about Hand of the Cause of God Mr. Furutan is of immeasurable value. An absolute MUST for every youth, following the examples of service to mankind, humility, profound depth of knowledge and sense of humor. I hope it will be very soon translated in many other languages.

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