Herald and His Heroes

Herald and His Heroes
Stories about the Bab

Author: Hitjo Garst
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Translated by Suzanne Gerstner, Olive McKinley, Janine van Rooij and Flor Spaans
With illustrations by Anja Shanmugampillai

Who was the B?b? And who were His heroes?

Whose Herald was He?

Why did He die so young, and why was His Revelation so short?

The Herald and His Heroes answers these questions in a simple, easy-to-read style. This is the story of the great religious drama that unfolded in the middle of the 19th century in Iran. The B?b and His followers were relentlessly persecuted by clergy and government. Many thousands gave their lives so that the new teachings could reach the peoples of the world. This fascinating and inspiring history is written for youth and adults.

Since author Hitjo Garst and his wife became Bah?'?s in 1972, Hitjo has worked tirelessly as a translator of Bah?'? literature from English for the Dutch Bah?'? community. His dream of bringing the wonderful stories of the Faith to a wide readership began over 30 years ago with FromMountain to Mountain, about Bah?'u'll?h, and continued withThe Most Mighty Branch, about 'Abdu'l-Bah?. The Herald and His Heroes is the third in the series.


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by Yevgeniya
on 5/8/2020
from Kyiv
Love this book
Recommending this book not only for children but also for adults - when you want to retell the stories to your kids or study for yourself. It’s well structured and easy to read from any chapter when you want to remember a specific story. It’s simpler than the Dawnbreakers but also has enough detail to convey the spirit and provide context. 
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