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Historias Sobre los Fondos Baha'is (Spanish, Originally $6.95)
Stories About Baha'i Funds

Author: Gloria Faizi
Product Code: SSABF
Publisher: Editorial Baha'i de Espana
Pages: 126
Availability: In stock
Price: $2.00

Soft Cover
1 units available

Gloria Faizi y más de cuarenta colaboradores narran diversas historias cortas sobre las comunidades locales y nacionales, sus necesidades materiales y la actitud de muchos bahá'ís para contribuir a ellas. Estos relatos son un gran apoyo para la formación de las comunidades sobre este tema y un material imprescindible para los propios tesoreros locales.

You will find these poignant, humorous, inspiring accounts that will help you connect with the hearts and minds of those who are embodiments of faith and sacrifice as they contribute to the life-blood of the Baha'i Faith. Interesting and touching stories about Baha'i funds and the friends who donated them, as re-told by Gloria Faizi. Subjects include: Houses of Worship, International Fund, Huquq'u'llah, National Fund, The Story of the Roses and Baha'i Centers. Complete with references and a list of contributors. In Spanish language.


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