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In Awe CD (Origianlly $15)

Product Code: IACD
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Weight: 10 oz

In Awe

By: Sheyda Peyman

For Sheyda Peyman, the beauty of nature and music are two of the greatest proofs of the existence of a power greater than us, which some call God. Inspired and "in awe" of this beauty, she decided to put some of the Holy Writings of the Bahá'í Faith to music. The result is this wonderful debut album which includes:












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by Helen Keniston Oney
on 1/25/2023
from Huntsville
You absolutely want this CD
Dear friends, this is a wonderful CD. 

It can really be hard to know if a Baha'i themed CD, especially without the ability to listen before purchase, is worth getting because although the musicians who record the CDs are always IMO well-intentioned, sometimes the quality is not what one might wish to have.

This CD is of very high quality. The Holy Word is beautifully and simply set to original, contemplative melodies and the vocal performance is truly excellent.

Any of these selections could be used as a part of a devotional, a Holy Day celebration or the devotional part of Feast.

I strongly encourage getting this recording not only because I think you'll love it, but because this wonderful artist's efforts should be wholeheartedly supported!

No, I do not know her personally at all, but I am absolutely a fan.
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