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Jungle Kings
It's a Jungle Out There . . . Arm Them with Virtues

Authors: Nancy Murphy, Mary Jo Sterling   Illustrator: Cora Hays
Product Code: JKSC
ISBN: 9781939548788
Availability: Not Available for Back Order

The Jungle Kings’ characters, Bentley and Carson, are unlikely friends, an elephant calf and a lion cub. They are first startled by the appearance of one another but curiosity causes them to forge a friendship as they play and learn about each other. At days end, Bentley returns home to find the elephant herd is anxious and fearful. A dangerous pride of lions paces nearby. The herd gathers together protecting their young when suddenly a lion cub, Carson, slides into the circle. The adults of the herd are astonished that little Bentley welcomes this cub. The lions are afraid for the young cub, Carson, as he skitters through the huge feet of the herd. The two friends beg the adults to accept their friendship. After consultation, things change for the community and the herd and the pride learn to live in harmony. Jungle Kings offers a "Word Power" and "Turning a Phrase" section to build vocabulary and explain literary concepts. The consultation practice invites families to have conversations that lead to understanding and possible change.


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Authors: Nancy Murphy, Mary Jo Sterling   Illustrator: Cora Hays

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