Khaterateh Mirza Reyhan Reyhani / Memories Mirza Reyhan Reyhani (Persian)

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This book is about a child by the name of "Reuben". Reuben was born to a Jewish family in Kashan, Iran, during the era of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. Reuben was first introduced to the Bah?'? Faith at the tender age of seven when he encountered the public beheading of a man named Sheikh Mazgani who was Martyred for his faith, in a public square in front of Reuben's school. During his youth Rueben himself became a believer of the Bah?'? Faith and received the title of "Mirza" from Bah?'u'll?h and the name of "Reyhan" from 'Abdu'l-Bah?. This book contains Mirza Reyhan's memoirs which describe the persecution and abuse of the B?b? and Bah?'? populations by the majority of the fanatic Jewish and Muslim people in his community, plus his memories of the early Bah?'?s of his time.
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