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Living with an Alcoholic
My Story of Healing and the Baha'i Faith

Product Code: LWAA
ISBN: 9781888547382
Availability: In stock

This is a personal memoir written by a Bahá'í whose husband suffered from alcoholism. It is intended to help those who may be going through similar experiences. The personal account details how the problematic behavior of one member of a family can deeply affect the behavior, as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of other members of the family. It is also a story of faith and healing, and about the importance of connecting to community.

The opening passage of this book states:

“This book is addressed to confused and suffering Bahá'ís, their fellow community members, and Bahá'í Institutions who want to better understand some of the experiences of people dealing with addictions such as alcoholism, and the related problems, as well as the recovery methods and choices they might choose to use and take. People investigating the Bahá'í Faith who are also involved with addiction and recovery issues may also find it helpful to use.”


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