Meditations: Selections from Baha'i Scripture (eBook - ePub)

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Soft Cover

Meditations is a collection of passages that helps to encourage and support the habit of regular reflection and meditation and assists readers of any faith on their spiritual path. A rich and inspiring sample of the vast body of Bah?'? scripture, this collection will appeal to everyone. It includes passages from the writings of Bah?'u'll?h, as well as from those of His forerunner, the B?b, and those of His son 'Abdu'l-Bah?.

Among the teachings of Bah?'u'll?h is that the primary purpose of life is to know and love God. In the Bah?'? Faith, as in every religion, prayer and meditation are fundamental tools for spiritual development. Their daily practice enables us to commune with God and sustains and strengthens our souls. Through daily mediation, Bah?'u'll?h writes, "the secret of things unseen" is revealed and "the sweetness of a spiritual and imperishable fragrance" is inhaled.

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