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Prayin' Twice
Christopher Ruhe and the Blazin' Band (Originally $15)

Artist: Chris Ruhe   Producer: Chris Ruhe
Product Code: PTCD
Publisher: Pescadoroo Records
Availability: In stock

4 units available
For eight summers from 1998 to 2005, Christopher Ruhe traveled around the U.S., Canada, and Europe, sometimes alone, other times with a group of musicians, giving concerts. Artists included Janet Ruhe, Arash Azami, David Whitman, and John "Beaujack" Magnum, as well as The Blazin' Band, a group of New York Baha'i "jazzniks." Prayin' Twice gives us a taste of these rich concerts.

Music ranges from folk to prayer to jazz to rock and includes the following songs:

1. Danublues

2. Little Twig Plaint

3. '52 Blues

4. The Nightingale

5. I Been Drivin'

6. One More Time Around The Sun

7. Crescent Moon

8. Oogie Woogie Boogie

9. The Thief

10. The Ballad of Dale Sinclair

11. Flowers

12. Shoghi Effendi

13. Rockin' Blues

14. Chesspieces/David's Gone

15. Kiribati Bash


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Artist: Chris Ruhe   Producer: Chris Ruhe

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