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Diversity made simple.

Review by Semira on 1/7/2019

Using beautiful pictures, this book explains the importance of caring for your neighbors no matter what they may look like. The use of different fruits to explain diversity is an innovative method to introduce the concept to children. Another fun feature of the book is the song that is included to sing along with - it is happy and very catchy.

Virtues from the start!

Review by Layli Phillips on 1/7/2019

What a treasure to be able to give to the youngest of children, a book instilling unity and belonging from the start, with catchy rhyming and top-notch beautifully-detailed artwork that is perfect for enjoying over and over.

Sweet Neighbors Come In All Colors

Review by Mindy on 1/6/2019

I believe this book is a must have for young children who are learning about and celebrating the unique differences that make us who we are. The beautifully illustrated characters are so cute, which is a very clever way of teaching diversity.

Are you a sweet neigbor?

Review by John Cornyn on 1/6/2019

This is an excellent book. A gift for children to help their minds know the sweetness of the diversity around them.

Safe to give to anyone

Review by Bridgette K on 1/6/2019

Bright happy book made for kids but really it’s good for all ages and ages. There is a catchy song that goes with it too that makes me smile when it randomly pops into my head. I think the author has done a great job introducing the idea of inclusivity to kids without the alienation of anyone which is no small task. I like that it’s sometging I can give to anyone with kids and feel confident that they will know I care about their kid having a well adjusted outlook on life without pushing any particular set of beliefs that I have because a parent can use the message in the book to help illustrate what they want their kid to understamd about diversity.

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