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Quienes Somos los Baha'is (Spanish) / Who We Are: The Bahá’ís

Author: Jose Luis Marques Utrillas
Product Code: SQSB
Publisher: Editorial Bahá'í de España
Availability: In stock

Soft Cover
16 units available

Who We Are: The Bahá’ís offers the reader information about this new movement founded by Bahá’u’lláh in the Middle East in the mid-19th century. Today the Bahá'í Faith is clearly recognized as an independent religion and thus appears in all statistics on the religions of the world. In international organizations or at world summits and before society in general they present their unifying vision of the nature of man and society; a religious and social worldview that has so far attracted millions of people from all cultures.

The Bahá’ís collaborate in social transformation, in educational projects and in interfaith dialogue. They come from more than 2,100 different ethnic groups and are scattered throughout every corner of the planet. What has aroused the interest of such different people and has united them in a world community? What ideas and projects motivate the Baha'is to transform themselves and the society in which they live? Who We Are: The Bahá’ís provides basic information to begin to know them. In Spanish


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