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Readings on Baha'i Social and Economic Development

Product Code: RBSED
Publisher: Palabra Publications
Pages: 94
Availability: In stock
Price: $3.00

Gathered in this book are major documents on Baha'i social and economic development received from the Baha'i World Centre to date.

The first is the October 20, 1983 message of the Universal House of Justice introducing Baha'i social and economic development.

The second, Baha'i Social and Economic Development: Prospects for the Future, written ten years later and approved by the House of Justice, analyzes the first decade of experience in development activities and provides a framework for more systematic action.

The third document, The Evolution of Institutional Capacity for Social and Economic Development, was prepared the following year by the Office of Social and Economic Development at the World Center. It describes two types of organizational arrangements that have emerged in the Baha'i world capable of undertaking increasingly complex development efforts - training institutes and Baha'i-inspired agencies.

The fourth, The Prosperity of Humankind, was issued by the Baha'i International Community's Office of Public Information and disseminated at the United Nations' 1995 World Summit for Social Development held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It offers a vision of social and economic development based on Baha'i concepts.

Finally, the fifth and latest document, A Clarification of Some Issues Concerning Social and Economic Development in Local and National Communities, was prepared by the Office of Social and Economic Development to respond to a number of questions that have arisen over the past few years. It touches on such issues as degrees of complexity in development activity, the relationship between teaching and development, and participation in development projects.


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