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Renewing the Sacred (Originally $12.95)
A New Vision of Education

Author: William Barnes
Product Code: RTSSC
ISBN: 9781480205567
Publisher: Barnes, William
Pages: 227
Availability: In stock
Price: $4.95

Soft Cover
8 units available
Don't reform education. Transform it!

Current education is failing most of our children. Educational reforms come and go but nothing seems to work for long. Why?

The author of Renewing the Sacred, William Barnes, believes education must be transformed, not reformed. It needs a new purpose. Education should be grounded in a new vision that grasps the changes going on in our world. That new education he calls spiritual education. But the book is about more than what can be done in schools. Our whole civilization is exhausted and sterile and its illness must be carefully diagnosed so that the antidote can be applied.

By renewing a real sense of sacredness, schools, instead of being passive carriers of an exhausted cultural and religious tradition, can be laboratories of spiritual, intellectual, and social transformation. Transformation is the real purpose of education today.

What people are saying about Renewing the Sacred:

"Renewing the Sacred is a wonderful book. What excellent writing! I'm reading it for the third time for more careful study of particulars. Your style obviously comes from the heart in a disciplined way, and you're right!" - Delton Baerwolf, retired High School English teacher

"Renewing the Sacred is a book that I shall refer to many friends and colleagues." - Judge Dorothy Nelson


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