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Revealing the Gems

Author: Karen Reitz-Koncebovski
Product Code: RTGS
ISBN: 978-3-87037-487-7
Publisher: Baha'i Verlag Gmb-H
Availability: In stock

Education is fundamental to the Bahá’í Faith. What is new about this book, compared to previous works based on Bahá’í ideas, is its focus on the central questions: What is education? How does it happen? What attitudes and educational practices are derived from our principles and our concepts of human nature, especially for structuring relationships between parents and children or teachers and students.

The practical goal of this book is to discover the basic attitudes toward questions of education as well as the educational principles and foundations for instruction that are presented in the Bahá’í writings. This becomes more concrete in the exercise of visualizing a school based on Bahá’í principles, whereby the focus is not on aspects of content but on the day-to-day interactions within the school environment, the quality of the relationships between teachers and students and the processes of learning and teaching.

The book presents the thesis that we are currently experiencing profound and far-reaching upheavals in our social relationships as well as in the individual’s understanding of him- or herself in his or her relationship to the community and to humankind as a whole. These upheavals are gradually creating a new understanding of human dignity, including the dignity of children, as well as a new culture of relationships, a new culture of education.


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