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Under the Staircase
By (author): Farsheed Ferdowsi
Product Code: USMJ
Publisher: Jazab Press
Pages: 462
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Price: $24.95
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Under the Staircase is a biography of Fatollah Ferdowsi, a remarkable man who was executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran on the morning of January 4, 1982. His only crime was his belief. He was a member of the Baha'i Faith, a persecuted minority in Iran. The regime gave him a choice: "Recant your faith and go free, or you will die." Fatollah remained steadfast. He chose faith over life-the eternal over the ephemeral. Fatollah Ferdowsi's journey to martyrdom is meticulously researched and narrated by his youngest son, Farsheed. Under the Staircase is, in a larger sense, the story of the entire community of Iran's Baha'is, who have endured more than a century and a half of severe persecution and who have responded to their predicament with determination