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Animals for Peace - Book 2

Product Code: AP2
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This is the second story in the Animals for Peace Series by Kiser Barnes for children. In this book Jibola responds in a wonderful way to an insistent call for lessons on the elimination of war, sharing her love for the Promise of World Peace, the statement of the Universal House of Justice written to the peoples of the world (1986).
Pearls of Wisdom
Compiler: Constanze Von Kitzing   Illustrator: Constanze Von Kitzing
Product Code: PWT
Publisher: Baha'i Publishing
Pages: 26
Size: 8.25 X 8.25 Inches
Availability: In stock
Price: $12.00
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Pearls of Wisdom is a beautifully illustrated book of passages from the Baha'i writings, presented in a manner that will appeal to children of all ages. Arranged around themes such as God, the soul, prayer, friendship, and love, all passages are accompanied by vibrant full-page color illustrations by award-winning illustrator Constanze von Kitzing.

Ios and the King
Author: Gail Radley   Illustrator: Susan Reed
Product Code: IAK
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Price: $12.99
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'Abdu'l-Bah? recounted to Lua Getsinger, an early American Bah?'?, the age-old stories of Ios, a shepherd, and the king he loved. Each story portrayed the sort of love, loyalty and devotion we are meant to have for God. Here, Gail Radley has retold the stories for a new generation. To help young readers think about the meaning of each story, she has included questions for discussion at the end of the book.
From Behind All the Veils
Author: Susan Ahmadi Hansen
Product Code: FBAV
Publisher: George Ronald
Availability: In stock
Price: $12.99
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From Behind All the Veils tells the story of T?hirih - poet, champion of education for girls and the emancipation of women, the first woman to believe in the B?b - written for children and beautifully illustrated by Susan Reed.
Mulla Husayn
Author: Alhan Rahimi
Product Code: MHSDB
Publisher: Alhan Rahimi
Availability: Not Available for Back Order

Price: $15.00
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A true story written for young children about the Declaration of the B?b, to help them form an understanding of this unique occasion. Written in simple, child-friendly language with illustrations, this book serves as a wonderful resource for parents and educators to foster a spiritual identity in children from a young age using stories from the history of the Faith. This story of Mulla Husayn's perseverance and the dawning of a new religion is sure to fill children with wonder.
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