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Brilliant Star: Thirst to Learn

Product Code: BS5203
Publisher: Brilliant Star
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Brilliant Star: Thirst to Learn, Vol. 52, No. 3. This issue helps kids develop skills they need for happy, healthy lives through these activities and more:

  • Explore your inner gems and virtues;
  • Find out how Bahá’u’lláh’s family and friends cooperated on the long journey from Baghdád to Constantinople (now Istanbul);
  • Practice what you would say to show compassion to a friend or someone you’ve just met;
  • Make nine-pointed stars with Nur using the Imagination Station 2 art app on our website;
  • Quiz yourself on how well you handle challenges;
  • Learn from kids around the world about their heroes, skills they’re developing, and challenges they’ve faced;
  • Try a cool trick to unlock your math superpowers;
  • Get to know Barbara Talley, a speaker, author, and poet who motivates people to eliminate prejudice and achieve their goals.

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