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Independence, Establishment and Continuity (Persian)
Author: Habib Riazati
Product Code: PIEC
Publisher: Nehal Foundation
Pages: 716
Availability: In stock
Price: $42.00
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Having the belief that religious teachings are absolute and everyone believing that their prophet is the last divine messenger are problems that the followers of each religion have. Religious leaders have turned this situation into chaos and enmities instead of trying to create unity, order, and justice. The purpose of this three-volume book is to demonstrate that this situation is due to the self-interest and ignorance of these religious leaders. The author's desire is to be able to inspire a new spirit in the seekers of the truth. In Persian.
Leili and the Blue Balloon
Author: Carolyn Sparey Fox
Product Code: LBB
Publisher: Tatterdemalion Blue
Availability: In stock
Price: $12.99
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A story about a little girl with a lot of questions - questions about the world around her and all the people who live on it. A white bird appears in her dreams to help her understand how big and connected the world is.
Dispensation of the Bab
Author: Boris Handal
Product Code: DIB
Pages: 337
Availability: In stock
Price: $17.95
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This is a comprehensive overview of the Bab’s teachings, laws, and ordinances. It provides readers with detailed information on the Bab's teachings, along with extensive quotes from the Bab's writings on a wide variety of matters.

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