Servicio: Virtudes de mi corazon (Spanish)

Servicio: Virtudes de mi corazon (Spanish)
Service: Virtues of My Heart

Created by: Melissa Lopez Charepoo
Product Code: SSVMC
ISBN: 979-8624103894
Publisher: Delighted Hearts
Next Release Date: Not Available for Back Order
October 2023
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Weight: 4 oz

Un libro para niños que explora la importancia de servir a los demás usando una serie de explicaciones y ejemplos de forma sencilla pero significativa. El libro se enfoca en un niño, sus actos de servicio que se extienden desde su casa hasta el mundo y la alegría que los actos de servicio provocan en su corazón.

A simple yet meaningful exploration of the importance of being of service to others. This book will help children to understand different ways they can be of service in their daily lives - helping around the house, visiting neighbors, and showing kindness to friends. This is a great resource for families and children's class teachers to encourage children to think of small, practical ways they can be of service.


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