Spirit Within Club 2

Soft Cover
Book 2 in the Spirit Within Club series, where a group of friends start an after-school club focused on service to other. In this book, Arwen's schoolwork and coaching duties are increasing substantially; to make it worse, his parents are having marriage problems. Ghada is struggling to choose between what her Bah?'? Faith teaches and what magazines, television, and movies invite her to do. Being part of the Spirit Within Club is taking its toll on Egan's friendships at the Buddhist Temple. The club's newest member, MaSovaida, doesn't understand why the house of a devout Christian family like hers was robbed. After the initial success of their club, launched only a year ago, a group of eleven-year-old friends realize that making the world a better place entails a whole new set of challenges. But when they start widening their circle - of friends, mentors, and activities - they realize that their power and influence can only increase.
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Very inspiring

Review by Sharon on 1/7/2021

My husband and me got this book for our grankids. they loves it. oNe of them started his own group after reading this book. he's 9! very inspiring.

A wonderful inspiration

Review by Janet on 3/18/2020

I purchased this book for my 11 year old nephew who read and really loved the first book in the series, and he said this one was even better. I decided to read both of them and was blown away. These books are thought provoking and should be read by adults and junior youth alike. I hope the author is planning on continuing the seires.

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