Spiritual Journey: The Baha'i Faith

Author: Ed.D I. Walter Tunick
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ISBN: 978-142510134-3
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Pages: 295
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An introduction to the Baha'i Faith covering a wide array of topics. The aim of this book is to acquaint readers with the message of the Baha'i Faith, its history and its principles. It is directed to those who wish to explore the fundamental truths in religion and religious values, and who are willing to recognize truth wherever they find it. The book is suitable for individual and small group study, and for use with classes on the Baha'i Faith and comparative world religions. This book encourages readers on their spiritual journey to view the independent world religions in a new, clearer light. Each is part of God's book. Each is true. Each is divinely inspired.

The deteriorating moral conditions that are spreading globally have caused devastating gaps in social behavior that endanger the well-being of all societies and nations. The growth of interest in moral and religious values has been stirring calls to action among the established religions. The Baha'i Faith offers relevant explanations for current world problems.

"What a wonderful achievement this is! I am so proud of you for seeing it through. I'm also grateful for the subjects you have chosen to include in the book and I am very happy with the style and language you use to state and explain them. I spent an hour this morning reading passages... I found myself reluctant to put the book down. I think your book will fill a niche among books on the Baha'i Faith that needed to be filled. I am hoping, and fully expect that it will be well received throughout the English speaking world. I look forward to reading it through and benefiting from the cogency of your explanations plus the useful and well-chosen quotations. I will undoubtedly be commending it to the friends here." --Bill Skuce

Spiritual Journey includes:

*Guide and reference source for individuals and groups

*Study text for college and adult levels

*Biographical, historical, fully annotated

*Chapter summaries and discussion topics


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