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Spiritual Parenting, Course 2: Facilitators Guide

Author: National Spiritual Assembly Of The Baha'is Of The United States
Product Code: SPF2
Pages: 40
Availability: In stock
Price: $2.00

This companion volume to the participant course book for Spiritual Parenting, Course Two, provides facilitators with all necessary guidance and support to lead engaging, exciting sessions with parents, including detailed plans for specific activities, tested scheduling options, materials list, checklist for success, sample flyer and letter of invitation for participants, and other helpful tips and information. Course Two of the Spiritual Parenting program features 12 sessions, each 1.5-2 hours in length, and easily accommodates flexible scheduling options to meet local needs and circumstances, such as weekly deepenings, intensive weekends, or one-day workshops. Facilitators may also appreciate the following course: The Art of Facilitation The entire series of community development courses, along with a series of courses about some of the fundamental teachings of Baha'u'llah, are available for individuals and small groups to use according to their own assessment of their needs, hopes, and interests. Collaboratively created and refined in light of the hopes and experiences of participants around the country, these courses promote vibrant, supportive community life. Each course selects the texts that apply to that particular critical aspect of human development and community development. They provide a structured, warm, and collaborative process for participants to study those spiritual writings, apply them to the great drama of their own lives, and step forward in service to their families and to the community at large. In addition to Spiritual Parenting Courses One and Two, other community development courses include: Spiritual Foundations for Marriage and Family Life; Spiritual Foundations for Friendship, Courtship, and Marriage; Spiritual Foundations for Race Unity; Spiritual Foundations for the Equality of Women and Men; Youth Empowerment; and the Fundamental Verities of the Baha'i Faith series of courses. For more information, visit


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