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Terra in Cognita (Originally $20)

Product Code: TIC
ISBN: 9781507600207
Availability: In stock

Soft Cover
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Terra in Cognita

Voyages and Discoveries on the Ocean of Knowledge

By William Barnes

Humanity is undergoing a great revolution, a universal transformation, in its life, thought and society. The Author believes this revolution is essentially a spiritual one. The human aspect of the human spirit, he believes, is giving way to the divine aspect. This book answers basic questions: What are the initial stages of this transformation? Through what channels does that great revolutionizing Spirit flow? What are some of its first social effects? Part One explores different facets of a new order of knowing. Faith becomes a true way of knowing. A disorder of knowledge and a reconfiguration of the human intelligence is occurring that will result in sciences of the spirit. The heart moves to the forefront as an organ of human intelligence, for the heart is directly connected with the divine. In Part Two, The Revolt Against Materialism: A Sociology of the Spirit, the current materialistic human social order being transformed into a divine one. It looks at the emerging global Baha’i Community as a model for putting the science of sociology upon a spiritual foundation.


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