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The Divine Spark CD (Originally $15)

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A spiritual folk album, 3 years in the making, features lush melodies in this uniquely composed adaptation of the Baha'i Writings to music - on a foundation of Spanish classical guitar builds viola, ukulele, ocarina, melodica, bass, and guest vox. Fusing influences ranging from classical to Persian folk to reggae, I intended to take the listeners on a musical journey, providing relaxing and soothing folk tunes for meditation and use in devotionals. One listen to The Divine Spark and my passion will be conveyed through the music. Hope you enjoy.

Vocals/Guitar/Viola/Ukulele/Meloda/Ocarina by Taraz Nosrat
Bass by Brenton Kim
Additional vocals by Ziba Nosrat, Maryam Gilpatrick, and Camila Matamala-Ost
Written and Recorded by Taraz Nosrat
Mixed and Mastered by Gia Sky
Album Design by Sonny Sachs
Album Artwork by Misha Maynerick Blaise
Bird of Glory Calligraphy by Mishkin Qalam

1. 1. Rise and Shine

2. 2. So Powerful

3. 3. The Balance

4. 4. Hidden Word #7

5. 5. Guide Me

6. 6. Change This World

7. 7. Ladder for the Soul

8. 8. Any Remover

9. 9. Thou Seest Me

10. 10. Southern States Prayer


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