Unbounded (Sundering Series Book 2)

By (author): D Rae Price
Product Code: USS2
ISBN: 9798985204353
Pages: 420
Availability: In stock
Weight: 20 oz
Price: $18.99

Nine hundred years in the future, a peaceful but struggling humanity reaches out from Earth, looking for planets, looking for people, looking for their place in the galaxy. They find more than they bargained for.

Book 2: The Unbounded Trapped in Harbor System after an alien intruder destroys the a-rings, the Cheetah crew struggles to manage their temperamental, secretive captain and complete their dangerous mission to save the outer sectors. They have no idea how far their captain will go to be a hero—until it’s too late.

On the Drumheller, Captain Beezan and his adopted teenager, Jarvie, adjust to their new crew. Veterans of first contact with the Ramians, their next mission is to investigate the a-ring control panel constructed by aliens known as “the Builders.” But when they discover a long-lost message, the crew fears that humanity has tangled with the Builders before—and no one made it back to warn them.


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By (author): D Rae Price

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