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Value of Values: The Word, The Spirit, and The World
Essays in Honor of Suheil Bushrui

Editor: Mehrdad Massoudi
Product Code: VOV
Publisher: University Press of Maryland
Pages: 273
Availability: In stock
Price: $5.00

Soft Cover
13 units available
This book was compiled in honor of Mr. Soheil Bushrui, first incumbent of the Baha'i Chair for World Peace at the University of Maryland. Value of Values offers essay contributions from individuals in a wide variety of professions and capacities, including the likes of Ervin Laszlo and M.L. Bradbury, John S. Hatcher and Dorothy W. Nelson. In the essays composed by these colleagues and friends, we are offered a glimpse into the intellectual and spiritual fire that burns with Professor Bushrui. As you read the essays, you will--above all else--be struck by the recurring theme of love as the basis for understanding and honoring religious faiths and philosophical approaches to life. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Islam, Baha'i and others are all referenced with great frequency. Each is spoken of, not merely as historical observations, but in terms of their basis in love and their relevance to the modern world. This, in essence, encapsulates the vision of Suheil Bushrui. He pursues a vision of the oneness of humanity and the interrelatedness of humanity with the world we share. The principles of peace, unity in diversity, respect, and equality are both the means to achieve this vision and the outgrowth of this vision. This volume of essays presents only a small measure of the respect felt for Suheil Bushrui. Multiply the sentiments herein by the thousands who have come to know him and you will begin to understand the love that is felt for him. Keep multiplying and you might begin to comprehend his love--for his students, his friends, his colleagues, indeed for the global community that makes up our world. There is only a limited quantity of this publication.


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