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Ludwig Tuman

Ludwig Tuman

Ludwig Tuman

Ludwig Tuman is an international award winning composer. He is also active as a writer, speaker, educator, performing pianist, and producer. His published writings on the arts include several extensive essays and short books, among them “The Spiritual Role of Art,” “Core Concepts of the Arts,” “Nine Steps to Raise and Nurture a Community Choir,” and “Toward Critical Foundations for a World Culture of the Arts.” His book, Mirror of the Divine, has been translated into Spanish. Tuman serves as the founder/director and composer for Choral Tales, which brings together musician and dancers to perform folk tales from around the world. He is also a member of Club of Budapest, an international organization supportive of those engaged in artistic, literary, and/or spiritual pursuits. Tuman has been a faculty member of the Chicago Conservatory College, where he designed and taught courses in composition, theory, and piano.

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